Congresswoman returns from visit to Texas detention facility

Frankel describes Texas facility as "horrifying" (MGN)

Today Congresswoman Lois Frankel returned from her trip to Texas where immigrants are being detained and separated from their children.

Although the president signed an executive order Wednesday ending the separation of families, without a plan in place, thousands are still waiting to be reunited with their children.

Frankel says what she saw was horrifying.

She says one mother was told her daughter was being taken for a shower, but then never saw her again.

“It went from sadness to frustration to total anger,” says Lisa Scupp, who was present during Frankel’s press conference.

Scupp says she went through a range of emotions watching the heartbreaking images on t.v.

“I just cry,” says Scupp.

She says the kids remind her of her grandmother who came here from Europe at just 3-years-old.

“If this was happening back then, I wouldn’t be here,” says Scupp.

Frankel says it wasn’t any easier seeing the detention facilities first-hand.

“This will be etched in my mind forever…. mother after mother sobbing.” says Frankel.

Frankel says President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy is to blame.

The policy calls for anyone who crosses the border undocumented to be prosecuted.

In a tweet Sunday, the president said we cannot allow all of these people to invade our country.

But Frankel says his policy unjustly categorizes refugees and those seeking asylum as criminals.

“They are fleeing gang violence where their children are being raped and killed,” says Frankel.

“A long journey to get to the border… to get treated like this?” says Scupp.

Scupp says the president’s policy jeopardizes the ideals of our country.

“This is not the America that I know. This is not the America that I love."

Border Patrol says families will be reunited after the parents are prosecuted, but Frankel says many parents have already been deported.

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