Concerns for safety after gun found at Boynton Beach High School

Safety concerns are raised after a gun was found at Boynton Beach High School. (MGN)

An 18-year-old is in deep trouble after he is accused of shooting a gun at a bus stop and then bringing the gun to school.

According to police, three students had possession of the gun before police found it hours after the school lockdown was lifted.

It all started when a student says he shot a gun near a bus stop Friday morning.

The gun that was confiscated during the lockdown later that day had nothing to do with the bus stop incident, police say.

That means at least two guns were on campus that day.

The State Attorney’s Office labeled 18-year-old Wayne Brown “a danger to society” Saturday after a judge set his bail at $8,000.

Boynton Beach Community High School was put on lockdown for four hours Friday after Brown got on a school bus after shooting a gun near the bus stop.

Police say another student reported the incident.

The school district says an unloaded handgun was found on campus.

But police report the gun Brown fired was found off-campus at a home.

Brown told police once he got to school he gave the gun to a 16-year-old girl, who then gave it to another student.

Police say the 16-year-old was found with the gun hours after the lockdown has lifted.

Right now it’s unclear if those students stayed on campus after receiving that gun.

Brown is facing multiple weapon charges.

His next court appearance is October 15.

We’ve reached out to the Palm Beach County School District to find out how this could happen but they have not gotten back to us.

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