Man struck by train might be able to walk again

Community raises money for father after he loses leg in train accident (WPEC)

Robbed, beaten and left for dead.

A father of two shares how he miraculously survived being hit by train.

He lost one of his legs in the accident and hasn’t been able to work since.

But that may soon change.

Right now, a local nonprofit called the Caridad Center and a local prosthetic company are working together to try and get the 30-year-old father walking by Christmas.

Pascual never imagined this would be his life.

Learning how to live with just one leg.

Last February, he lost his leg when a thug robbed and beat him, then left him for dead on some train tracks in Lake worth.

“I don’t remember much. But I tried to save myself from being hit by the train, but I didn’t have enough time,” Pascual said.

The train severed his left leg.

Since then he hasn’t been able to work in construction or support his two children.

“When I talk to him about, it he explained he was extremely worried how he was going to support his family because this is his only income. That’s it,” said Doris Hernandez, patient case navigator at the Caridad Center.

Hernandez said right now the nonprofit is trying to raise money for a prosthetic leg for Pascual.

Matthew Bailey Owner of Florida O & P services is already fitting Pascual for a prosthesis.

Bailey said he’s covering most of the cost. All they need to raise is $5,500.

“When he was able to take the first few steps, he just looked up and was just grinning ear to ear and you just know he is going to really go for it and go to a good person. He just wants to work,” Bailey said.

“I want to be able to continue my life like before. Working and making sure my family has what they need to survive,” Pascual said.

If you would like to help make Pascual’s Christmas wish come true, contact the Caridad Center.

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