Community members honored for saving neighbor

Community members honored for saving a neighbor. (WPEC)

On Friday afternoon, two St. Lucie County residents were honored for saving their neighbor's life.

David VanBlois said he walking around his neighborhood in Nettles Island when he passed out. It turns out he was having a cardiac episode, but luckily his neighbors were around to help.

“Very fortunate, very fortunate indeed,” said Van Blois. He continued, “these people saved my life. I’m fortunate they were available and willing to do it.”

Barbara McSweeney and Bernard DuPlan said they saw VanBlois and immediately jumped into action.

“I touched him and he wasn’t responsive. He wasn’t breathing. His eyes were gray,” said DuPlan.

So he immediately started to perform chest compressions and McSweeney gave VanBlois mouth to mouth.

“I said Dave, you can’t leave now and we were doing everything we could to bring him back,” said McSweeney.

And eventually, they did. McSweeney said, “there was a faint little blimp where there wasn’t anything before and I said I think we have a pulse.”

McSweeney and DuPlan were happy they were there to help VanBlois. They said they would do it again in a heartbeat if they had too.

McSweeney stressed everyone should have CPR training because you never know when it can save a life.

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