Club Pilates


Stand or sit all day at work?

Club Pilates is the workout for you. It's a great workout for improved posture and a strengthened core.

Amanda Gomez, owner of Club Pilates in Abacoa joined CBS12 News This morning to teach you moves to sculpt, tone, & lengthen your muscles.

True to Joseph Pilates method, Club Pilates conditions your body in the most classical manner, while offering an array of well-rounded workouts: Barre, TRX, bootcamp, springboards, and exo-chairs.

Ranging from beginner Pilates classes to advanced Cardio Sculpt workouts, classes run seven days a week, and are inclusive and accessible to everyone. Offering memberships to men, women and teens focused on results-based training to strengthen the core, improve flexibility and posture and achieve a mind and body connection.

Class formats target a wide range of clients needs from young to more senior and beginner to advanced.

Club Pilates is the first studio to create a 500-hour Teacher Training Program designed to thoroughly and safely teach group Pilates apparatus classes along with TRX, Triggerpoint, and Barre.

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