Clerk reads lips to save kidnapping victim in Florida

Jose Sandoval_web.JPG

An alert gas station clerk who could read lips likely saved the life of a kidnapping victim in Florida.

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrested Jose Ramos Sandoval for false imprisonment, fleeing from police, and violation of probation.

Authorities said early Sunday morning a clerk at a Kangaroo Express station saw a woman in a car mouthing the word, “help.”

The sheriff’s office said the clerk then dialed 911 and gave Police a description of the car. Police located the car but the driver took off. Officers stopped the car after a short pursuit and took Ramos into custody.

The woman told police she left a bar at the beach and was walking to another when Ramos pulled up to her and asked her for a ride. She told detectives she thought she recognized him as a friend of a friend.

Police said Ramos drove her away from the beaches. They stopped at a gas station and when the woman tried to get out, Ramos grabbed her hair and told her she couldn’t leave. The woman said she felt she was in danger and the only way she could get free was by mouthing “help” to the clerk.

The sheriff’s office said Ramos admitted to taking the woman against her will but didn’t give a motive.

Ramos, 25, is due in court next month. He's being held without bond at the Duval County Jail.

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