CityPlace to undergo major renovations

CityPlace to undergo major renovations (WPEC)

Big changes are coming to CityPlace, the busy tourist area and shopping destination.

To keep up with the times, the shopping district is rebranding and one business manager says these changes can’t come soon enough.

Frank Sen, the manager of City Pizza, says it’s no secret his dough is the best in town.

“We didn’t change 20 years same menu, same recipe,” Sen said.

However, he says the classic feel isn’t working for CityPlace, which has kept the same Mediterranean theme for 18 years.

“I think CityPlace have to do like little bit of an update to bring in more people,” Sen said.

The owner of CityPlace is on the same page. There is a new rendering out of the projected shopping area, dubbed CityPlace 2.0. It includes more plant life, outdoor seating with shade, buildings covered with vines and a curbless Rosemary Avenue.

“Designs like that is going to bring in more people,” Sen said.

The prominent fountain would be replaced with an interactive splash pad.

“I hope it’s going to bring people you know,” Sen said. "It’s going to be good for everyone I think for CityPlace and City Pizza."

If approved by the City of West Palm Beach, the renovations will start within two months.

How much that will cost and where the money is coming from has yet to be determined.

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