Christmas Eve shooting prompts lockdown in Palm City

Palm City apartment complex under lockdown to find gunman linked to Christmas Eve shooting. Deputies arrested Dylan Randall Frost(MCSO).

Coquina Cove Apartments was put under lockdown as deputies searched for a gunman who was linked to a shooting on Christmas Eve, the Martin County Sheriff's Office said.

Dylan Randall Frost, 38, grabbed a gun the morning of Christmas Eve and walked outside of his apartment toward an unsuspecting cab driver who had just dropped off three passengers, according to the sheriff's office. Frost fired two rounds, riddling the driver's car with holes. The driver, who was parked to the side figuring out his next route, was so scared by the shots, he took and headed towards West Palm Beach as he called for help.

After deputies arrived, the complex property manager showed detectives surveillance video of Frost, the sheriff's office said. Deputies later found Frost in the apartment he shared with his girlfriend. He had removed the clothes he was wearing during the shooting and put on a T-shirt and women's pajama bottoms.

Frost gave several "spontaneous" stories as to why he shot at the taxi cab, according to the sheriff's office. The driver, who works for Lyft, said he didn't know Frost and this is his first encounter with him.

Frost was later taken into custody and is now facing charges of attempted first-degree murder.

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