CBS12 Investigates: Rise in gun store break-ins

    <p>CBS12 Investigates: Rise in gun store break-ins{/p}

    WEST PALM BEACH, FL (CBS12)—Gun Store burglaries in South Florida are part of an alarming new trend arming criminals and putting lives at risk.

    CBS12 Investigates uncovers how guns are getting into the wrong hands by smashing their way into gun shops across the state of Florida for a larger number of weapons.

    Local gun store owners say they are doing what they can to protect their inventory, but the brazen thieves are nearly unstoppable.

    “Usually, they brake the front and within a minute they have the guns,” said Alex Shkop, Owner of Guns Range and Ammo. “It's almost impossible to prevent.”

    No Federal law regulates gun storage.

    With so many guns bleeding into the streets, CBS12 Investigates why local lawmakers are afraid to pull the trigger in order to enact their own gun storage regulation.

    Watch Gun Store Break-ins, Tuesday on CBS12 News at 6pm.

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