Caught on camera: Car spins out on I-95 in Lake Worth

Dashcam video shows a car spinning out on Interstate 95 near 10th Avenue in Lake Worth. (Video Courtesy: I. Shimonovtic)

A man driving down Interstate 95 captured some incredible video that will leave you spinning and wondering how no one got hurt.

Iftach Shimonovtic of Southern Helicopter shared dashcam video of the dramatic encounter with CBS12. He was driving southbound on I-95 just north of 10th Avenue where a car in front of him spun out of control.

The driver of the car either tried to change lanes or drifted over to the next lane. After realizing there was a car in that lane, the driver swerved to avoid a collision. The quick move sent the driver's car spinning. The car drifted into four lanes of traffic. At one point, the car did a 180-degree turn before spinning around and continuing on with the flow of traffic.

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