Burned horses being treated with lasers

Burned horses getting laser treatment. WPEC.

A handful of the eleven horses who survived a devastating barn fire are getting a helping hand.

The horses are being treated with a high-tech laser at the South Florida Trotting Center. It's to speed up the healing process.

It should help treat the burns.

"They stimulate the body to heal itself much faster at a much accelerated rate," said Dr. Bruce Coren, a veterinarian from West Palm Beach. "It brings oxygen to the tissues."

The owner says to get this sort of laser treatment is a real blessing for the horses.

"I love 'em like my own children. They're an extension of our family," said Sam Stathis, the owner of the facility.

A dozen horses died in the fire last Wednesday, 11 others survived, some with serious burns and lung damage.

Investigators say an electrical malfunction started the fire in hay stored nearby.

Some of the horses that survived were rescued by people who braved the flames to go into the burning barn and lead them to safety.

Four of the surviving horses are doing well. Seven others are at a rehabilitation facility, five of those are in critical condition.

The fire damage to the barn is estimated at $200,000.

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