Bucher will fight suspension, says county tax collector

Bucher will fight suspension, says county tax collector (WPEC)

There is a new face at the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections' Office.

Video captured by CBS12 News shows the new elections chief Wendy Link making her way into her office just two hours after being appointed by the governor.

It's a decision voter Michael Fox doesn’t understand.

“We will stick by you,” Fox said.

Fox showed support for now former Supervisor of Elections Susan Bucher, calling her an impartial elected official.

“I have seen and spoken to many candidates and they've all said to me she is one of the hardest working and fair supervisor of elections there is,” Fox said.

He said it’s not Bucher’s fault it took the office 50 days to complete the recount.

“She did not have all the full resources on her side to do that, but she did it none the less,” Fox said.

In an interview with CBS12 News, Palm Beach County Tax Collector Ann Gannon said Bucher will fight her suspension.

Gannon disagrees with some of the reasons the governor removed Bucher from her elected position.

She said Bucher conducted a proper election, had plenty of eyes on the process and never violated state law like the governor said Bucher did when handling the 2018 general election.

As soon as we get a comment from Bucher, we will make sure to pass that along to you.

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