Brother and sister reunite after 20 years of searching for each other

After more than 20 years, Billy and his biological sister meet.

For more than 20 years, Billy had searched for his biological sister hoping that he might see her again.

The siblings were given up for adoption in 1996.

Billy and his brother Jake moved in with their adopted family before the age of 5, while their sister Natalie, lived with another family.

In a moment, years in the making, they’re back together thanks to the power of social media.

The emotional reunion was caught on camera.

“In the video, you kind of see me bring her hands from my face, it’s because I wasn't expecting that. I wasn't expecting that love to be so strong,” said Billy, who wanted to keep his last name anonymous.

Billy’s wife, Kerri, knew how much Billy wanted to connect with his long-lost sister.

So, she got to work.

A few clicks on the computer, Kerri found Natalie’s Facebook profile.

“I wasn't sure what she was told, I wasn't sure if she knew she was adopted,” said Kerri, Billy’s wife.

The shocking discovery - Natalie was only two hours away, still in Florida, after all these years.

She’s currently a restaurant manager and photographer, living in Palm Bay.

It only took a week for Billy’s dream to become a reality.

“Having an older sister, and not seeing her for that long, it’s amazing how much we’re alike,” said Billy.

Billy and Kerri have two young children, and has a message for those who are looking: Never give up hope.

“It’s something I’ve never felt, and I just wish so many other people can feel it,” said Billy.

Jake, the other sibling, couldn’t make it for the reunion because he lives in Iowa, with both Jake and Billy’s adopted family.

He is planning a trip to Florida later this year so that he can meet Natalie for the first time after all these years.

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