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County GOP: COVID-19 vaccine is a bioweapon

Brevard County Republicans will vote Thursday night about sending a letter to Gov. Desantis calling on him to make the vaccines illegal in Florida. (WPEC).{ }{ }{p}{/p}
Brevard County Republicans will vote Thursday night about sending a letter to Gov. Desantis calling on him to make the vaccines illegal in Florida. (WPEC).

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The Brevard County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) has voted on a controversial proposal.

Group leaders have written the first draft of a letter they want to send to Gov. Ron DeSantis and other state officials, calling on them to make the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines illegal in Florida.

The Republicans on Space Coast are a powerful voice in the state. Brevard County is the 10th largest county by population in Florida; it is home to the Kennedy Space Center, a popular tourist destination Cocoa Beach. It's the neighboring county to the north of The Treasure Coast.

CBS12 News has obtained a copy of the letter, sent to hundreds of registered Republicans in Brevard County for their consideration. If the party's executive committee proceeds and receives enough "yes" votes, the letter will be mailed to all state lawmakers representing the region, Brevard's Congressional delegation including Senators Rubio and Scott, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, and DeSantis.

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The letter references the Florida grand jury investigating the COVID-19 vaccines.

In December, Gov. DeSantis asked Florida's Supreme Court to impanel a grand jury to look at the vaccine roll-out and if any crimes were committed. The Supreme Court granted that request. The grand jury has been meeting and the current status of its investigation is unknown as grand jury proceedings are highly secretive by design.

In his request for the grand jury DeSantis wrote, "Florida law prohibits fraudulent practices, including the dissemination of false or misleading advertisements of a drug and the use of any representation or suggestion in any advertisement relating to a drug that an application of a drug is effective when it is not."

BREC's letter explains why organization leaders believe the vaccines are not effective, and takes a further step, referencing a study on the use of vaccines as a method to spread bioweapons.

"Whereas We the People of the State of Florida were told that COVID-19 presented a grave danger to ourselves, our families, and our communities. We were then subsequently told to and in many cases mandated to take the experimental COVID-19 injections for the following reasons: That it would prevent transmission and thus stop the spread of COVID-19. That doing so would protect our families, ourselves, and the public. Doing so would allow us to keep our jobs and/or benefits to be able to support our families. By doing so we were doing our patriotic duty for our country, state, and communities. We didn’t have a choice because of President Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates. Whereas strong and credible evidence has recently been revealed that COVID-19 and COVID-19 injections are biological and technological weapons. Whereas Pfizer’s clinical data revealed 1.223 deaths, 42,000 adverse cases, 158,000 adverse incidents, and approximately 1,000 side effects. Whereas an enormous number of humans have died and or have been permanently disabled. Whereas strong and credible evidence exists that COVID-19 mRNA shots alter human DNA. Whereas government agencies, media and tech companies, and other corporations, have committed enormous fraud by claiming COVID-19 injections are safe and effective. Whereas a statewide grand jury is investigating COVID-19 vaccine crimes. Whereas continued experimentation on humans and denial of informed consent are violations of the Nuremberg Code and therefore constitute crimes against humanity. Be it Further Resolved: On behalf of the preservation of the human race, the Brevard County Republican Party calls upon Governor DeSantis and the state legislature to prohibit the sale and distribution of COVID-19 injections and all related injections in the state of Florida, and for the state Attorney General to immediately seize all COVID-19 injections and mRNA injections in the state of Florida and have a forensic analysis conducted to determine if the ingredients pose a danger to recipients," BREC's letter states.

CBS12 News has contacted BREC seeking comment ahead of tonight's vote. At the time, BREC has not responded.

The members of the BREC cast their votes regarding the proposal, and the results are in -- yes.

It was a landslide.

Members of the Brevard County leadership committee adopted a resolution, calling on the governor to make the COVID-19 vaccines illegal. Other GOP chapters in Seminole, Lake, St. John's, Santa Rosa, Hillsborough and Lee Counties have passed similar resolutions.

There was heated discussion before the vote, and the majority believes the vaccine is very likely a biological weapon.

The pharmaceutical companies committed crimes and pushed fraud on the public about the effectiveness of the vaccines and downplayed the risks and side effects, they argued.

The Brevard Republican party’s controversial letter will be sent to DeSantis and other state leaders asking to outlaw the vaccines in the Sunshine State.

Currently, the letter is simply a request -- not a demand.

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