Boynton Beach Police officers back in court

Two Boynton Beach Police officers are back in Federal Court Tuesday in connection with a 2014 suspect beating, captured by PBSO helicopter.

Two Boynton Beach Police Officers are back in Federal Court Tuesday, in an effort to persuade a judge not to send them to prison for their roles in a 2014 beating.

A helicopter from the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office recorded the entire incident on camera.

Sgt. Philip Antico was convicted of obstruction of justice for lying to FBI agents and trying to cover up the beating during initial reports. He faces a maximum four year sentence.

Officer Michael Brown was found guilty of excessive force and faces a maximum of nine years in prison. Brown's lawyer is seeking house arrest because Brown takes care of his 10-year-old son and 71-year-old grandmother.

The judge has already stated she will not sentence either officer Tuesday but will announce her decision at a later date.

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