Boynton Beach police officer tases suspect, then gets dragged down the street

Boynton officer dragged (Boynton Beach Police Department)

A terrifying traffic stop.

A Boynton Beach police officer left thinking the worst: Is this stop her last stop? Is she going to go home tonight? Is she ever going to see her family again?

All while a man is dragging her hundreds of feet with his car.

No one would argue, police work can be dangerous and one female officer had a terrifying close call she’ll never forget.

“Black male tased! Help, help, help! Stop that! Stop," the officer yelled on body cam video.

It started as a routine traffic stop Jan. 17, but what happened was anything but routine.

Police say the video doesn’t show it, but the female officer was then dragged down the street about 350 feet as the fleeing suspect drove away with the officer pinned inside his car door.

The man in the video, 47-year-old Timothy Jones, of Boynton Beach, was stopped for an expired tag on his car, according to police.

“Any given day or time as our officers go out on the road, they can encounter that type of situation,” Chief Michael Gregory said.

After she pulled Jones over, the body worn camera video shows Jones standing in front of the officer’s squad car. She told Jones to sit down on the hood of her police car. But police say Jones got fidgety and instead of following the officer’s instructions, he walked back to his car.

“After giving several warnings she drew her taser and actually had to fire the taser to try to stop Mr. Jones from fleeing the scene,” Chief Gregory said.

Police say Jones was determined to leave, even though the officer not him not to.

“He resisted, he failed to comply with her commands and was able to drive away,” Gregory said.

While being dragged down the road, the officer—who is not named in the arrest report---was able to free herself and Jones sped off.

According to the arrest report, her right shoe and sock came off as she was being dragged. The officer was treated at a hospital for road rash.

Jones is charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and aggravated fleeing and eluding.

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