7-year-old boy among winners in essay contest to speak with astronaut

SpaceX Dragon and ISS (MGN)

Twelve students from Palm Beach County are prepping for an out of this world experience.

They'll be participating in a Q&A with an astronaut abord the International Space Station.

Seven-year-old Chris Andersson is the youngest child in the county who will be chatting it up with an astronaut.

"What's your favorite subject? "

"Science," Andersson responded.

"Why is that?"

"Its super cool. There's so much stuff you can do with it," Andersson said.

The second grader at the Saint Andrews School and 11 other children won an essay contest where they wrote about the one question they would ask an astronaut.

Leif Anderson explains how Chris came up with a question.

"He went through it a couple days and tried to decide, but when he made that green slime, that kind of sealed it for him," he said.

"What's the most unexpected discovery you did during your experiment in the International Space Station?" Chris Andersson said.

On Monday, Nov. 6, the children will be in the theater at the South Florida Science Center where they will ask their questions to an Italian astronaut.

"What we have here is the radio and antenna control set up that will actually be using for the contact," said Jim Nagle of West Palm Beach Amateur Radio.

Nagle is a key player in the process of making the amateur radio and ISS communication possible.

"We've got 10 minutes of visibility that we can connect to the satellite," Nagle said.

The whole Q&A session will last about eight minutes.

Chris Andersson, who will be the first one up, said while he doesn't know what to expect, he knows it's a moment he'll never forget.

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