Bounty hunters side with deputies arresting murder suspects on Christmas Eve


Local bounty hunters say they agree with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office decision to engage two murder suspects at the Mall at Wellington Green on Christmas Eve.

Both Peter Hill and Josh Choomack make a living serving warrants as bounty hunters.

They apprehend suspects that skip out on their court date.

"Most of our pickups are considered dangerous," says Peter Hill.

Sometimes so dangerous they work with the Sheriff's Office.

"That’s the thing. Timing is everything," said Choomack about the shootout between deputies and two attempted murder suspects at Wellington Mall on Christmas Eve.

"We try to get into a quiet suburban area away from traffic," said Choomack.

"The sooner you get them off the street the better off you’re going to be," said Hill.

Some shoppers the night of the shootout said deputies should've waited to serve the warrant until the suspects were in an isolated area.

"It just doesn’t make sense to bring a potential situation of danger into the public," says Al Schwartz the night of the shooting.

"It’s a public safety issue not to have gone after those guys,"said Hill.

But these bounty hunters say sheriff deputies stopped a bad situation from getting worse.

"Those people could’ve gone out speeding in a car and killed a family in a car that just came from dinner on Christmas Eve," said Choomack.

So they think it was the right move.

"They’ll never understand it unless you're on this side of it," said Choomack.

The sheriff's office said it can no longer comment on the shooting because it's an open investigation.

As is standard, the involved deputies are on paid administrative leave.

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