Bomb squad hosts 'beeping' Easter egg hunt for visually impaired children

Beeping Easter Egg Hunt Hosted By Bomb Squad Deputies (photo by SLCSO)

In the next week Americans will spend $2 billion on candy for Easter baskets and celebrations, but there are 90,000 children nationwide who never get to do an Easter Egg hunt.

Today, The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office bomb squad figured out a way to include the visually impaired children in the holiday fun.

"For many of these children, this is their first time to be able to hunt Easter eggs," said Sheriff Ken Mascara with the St Lucie Co Sheriff's Office.

Yes for the visually-impaired or blind children, if you can't actually clearly see the eggs to begin with, it's not going to be a fruitful Easter egg hunt.

They couldn't participate until the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office Bomb Squad came up with an idea they saw at a training conference.

Deputies created an electronic ticking device and then hide the beepers inside plastic eggs, so visually-impaired students from St. Lucie County Public Schools are then allowed to run and find the eggs.

"Some things are difficult for them to participate in," said Teacher of the visually-impaired Vivian Hill, "the kids are so thrilled to come. They love the idea of a beeping Easter egg hunt and anything where candy is involved."

Now the children can actually find the beeping eggs.

"Our barometer is the smiles and the joy that we see with them experiencing this," Sheriff Mascara said.

And, of course the children want the reward inside the eggs--the precious candy.

"They had a wonderful time and really enjoyed it," Hill said.

The program started 3 years ago and is open to all visually-impaired St Lucie County public school students.

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