Forbes places Boca teen on their ’30 under 30’ list

Forbes places Boca teen on their ’30 under 30’ list. (WPEC)

11th-grader Hannah Herbst attends FL Atlantic University High School.

At 17 she's just been named by Forbes magazine in the illustrious "30 under 30."

When we last saw Hannah, she had just come from the White House science fair where she spoke with President Obama about "the beacon."

Thats her invention.

It is powered by moving water, it can then power other machines, Hannah hopes it can be mass produced for use in 3rd world countries.

"You can start with an idea and turn into a solution and that's really the takeaway I want people to have in this," Herbst said.

And the young inventor entrepreneur isn't stopping to savor the media spotlight, she's hoping to use Forbes to get support for the beacon.

"Well I'm currently working on open-sourcing the prototype through something called the 'creative Commons license' so hopefully I'll be able to get that out to underdeveloped countries anywhere from sub-Saharan Africa to places that are without power here in the United States," Herbst said.

The 30 under 30 issue hasn't hit newsstands yet, but the article is on Forbes website right now.

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