Boca Raton High student Baker Acted for allegedly threatening classmates on Instagram


A sophomore at Boca Raton Community High School is accused of posting a picture on Instagram that sent a wave of panic through the school, with parents and students looking for answers.

The boy took a selfie with what appeared to be a machete.

In another shot, he's making the shape of a gun with his fingers. The caption underneath were the names of girls that he goes to school with.

The frightening images on Instagram prompted Palm Beach County school officials to send out a RoboCall.

"We are aware of an Instagram threat made by a student," the recording said. "The Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office has responded to the student's home. As a precaution, there is additional security at the school today."

Students were talking about the incident all day, but nobody knew many details.

Parents say the boy who is accused of making the threat has a mental and emotional condition.

Instead of being charged criminally, he has only been committed to a hospital for evaluation at this time.

Parents and students say the boy has a history of intimidation and odd behavior, but the school declined to comment on his background or discipline.

Law enforcement used the Baker Act to bring the student to a mental health facility for a 72 hour evaluation.

Many students and parents aware of the overnight mass shooting in Las Vegas were concerned that more details were not provided, but the sheriffs office was alerted about the Instagram posts over the weekend, long before the violence in Vegas.

The sheriffs office handed over the case to the school district police.

The school was never put on lockdown, but the students who were named in the boys alleged threats didn't go to school on Monday.

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