Boca Police Gets Shoot or Don't Shoot Video Simulator

Image via Boca Raton PD

The Boca Raton Police Department is now training on new high tech equipment-- a video simulator.

It is designed to help officers practice negotiations and other non-violent tactics to talk down potentially dangerous suspects

CBS 12 was allowed to film the simulator and we saw unpredictable people can be when they’re pulled over by police.

The Boca Raton Police Foundation is a community organization that raises money to help Boca cops get things they need that aren’t in the budget.

Their first present to the police force is the video simulator.

It’s programmed with over 500 scenarios.

Those scenarios range from a simple traffic stop to a student holding hostages in a school’s library.

Police officers are always trying to talk a suspect down, to find a non-violent way to bring things to a conclusion—like how Tuesday’s Orlando airport situation ended. No bloodshed.

“The gun is not always our first option actually it's our last option,” said Officer Michael Porter.

Porter says the video simulator is a much appreciated addition to Boca’s training facility.

He says he wants the public to see the exercises (click the video in the player) because they show how police are always adapting. And they always need to be on their toes.

“We get in here and we're responding to things all the time and we get better at responding to those things,” Porter said.

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