Boca police once had an encounter with pipe mail bomb suspect

Boca Police video of an officer talking with mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc a month before his arrest. (Boca Police)

The Boca Raton Police Department once had an interaction with the man accused of sending 13 mail bombs to prominent Democratic leaders.

According to a field contact report, police made a consensual encounter with Cesar Sayoc while he was sleeping in his van earlier on Sept. 1.

Police say the van was parked in a parking spot at an LA Fitness and Sayoc appeared to be sleeping. Sayoc told police he has just finished his shift at the Ultra Lounge in West Palm Beach and was just resting before heading in to the gym, the police report notes.

The police report added that the van was covered in political stickers.

Sayoc has been accused of sending pipe mail bombs to authorities like former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, as well as former First Lady Hillary Clinton. He is facing five federal charges.

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