Boca man dies after getting knocked unconscious in New York

Sabor Szabo

A 35-year-old man from Boca Raton who was knocked unconscious during a vicious attack in New York City has died, officials confirmed.

Sando Szabo was visiting New York for a wedding and was leaving the hotel where his brother was staying when he was brutally attacked.

The family is too overwhelmed to speak, but his heartbroken coworkers say they hope the man who threw a nearly fatal punch is caught.

“A great guy to have as a colleague," said Josh Gillon, CEO of What If Holdings. "We are still in shock and incredibly sad."

Gillon said he and his staff are devastated after learning of their coworker's brutal attack while visiting New York City.

"Sandor was up here for a trade show at the beginning of last week and he was in the office for a couple of days and then he stayed in town for his stepsister’s wedding,” he said.

Szabo was leaving the hotel where his brother was staying and had called for a car, when the celebration took a devastating turn.

“Everyone in our company is in shock,” Gillon said.

Those close to him believe he was knocking on car windows to check which ride was his.

That is when police say Szabo knocked on the suspect's window. That man then got out of his car and punched him in the face.

A blow so hard, he fell backwards, hit his head on the concrete and lost consciousness.

"Never in a million years thought that would've happened especially over here," LIC resident James Hall said.

The unknown man then drove off in this white SUV, leaving Szabo to bleed alone on the sidewalk.

"I hope they find him and bring him to justice,” Gillon said. “This was really a stupid, stupid act. It's a big family and he was an important part of it so everybody is just heartbroken."

Police are asking anyone with information regarding the incident come forward.

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