Boat crash caught on camera leads to lawsuit

A boat crash in Oregon leads to a lawsuit. (CNN Newsource | The Oregonian)

A boat crash caught on camera triggered a lawsuit in Oregon.

Video from Salmon Trout Steelheader and shared with CNN Newsource shows three fishermen jumping out of their boat as a 30-foot motorboat speeds toward them and smashes into the boat. The crash happened last August on the Columbia River.

The operator of the motorboat, 75-year-old Marlin Larson, is facing a lawsuit from one of the fishermen. According to The Oregonian, a newspaper in Portland, the lawsuit claims Larson was distracted by his cell phone at the time of the crash. Larson denied the claim to The Oregonian. He said he couldn't see where he was driving because the dashboard blocked his view while he was sitting down, according to The Oregonian. Larson has been charged with reckless operation of a boat, assault and recklessly endangering the lives of others.

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