Billboard calling for President Trump's impeachment will go up near Mar-a-Lago

Billboard calling for President Trump’s impeachment will go up near Mar-a-Lago. (WPEC)

A controversial billboard calling the NRA a terrorist organization is in full public view in Pensacola today.

Now the political action committee behind it is bringing another controversial sign to West Palm Beach, this time calling on an impeachment of the president.

The Mad Dog PAC is the left wing organization behind the sign.

The sign will tower above 95 South with a bold statement to Trump and his supporters, less than 2 miles from Mar-A-Lago, saying: "Impeachment now, Make America America Again!"

Mad Dog PAC puts up controversial billboards across the country targeting Republican lawmakers.

“I think it’s pathetic actually,” says Trump supporter Ryan Tempone of the sign.

Tempone is one of the many Trump supporters who doesn’t understand why anyone would want to impeach the president.

“I think he’s doing great things for our country and we need to stop fighting and come together,” says Tempone.

Claude Taylor is the founder of the PAC and former Clinton staffer. In a message, he told CBS 12 News that Trump needs to be impeached because he is “unfit, ill-prepared, and unstable”.

That’s why Mad Dog PAC is willing to spend more than $5,000 on this billboard and all the others they have.

Taylor says Trump needs to resign or be removed as soon as humanly possible because of his dealings with Russia.

Tempone says we need to stay positive.

“I think we need to embrace the great things that President Trump has done for this country,” says Tempone.

The billboard is expected to go up in 2 weeks and stay up for 4 weeks after that.

The PAC in charge of this is funded by donors across the country.

They are still collecting donations for the impeachment billboard that is set to come to West Palm Beach.

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