Bicyclist hit, killed by Brightline train in Boynton Beach

Bicyclist hit, killed by Brightline train in Boynton Beach (WPEC)

A man was hit and killed by a Brightline train while riding his bike Wednesday evening, Boynton Beach police said.

Police identified the man as Jeffrey D. King, 51, of Boynton beach.

The incident happened on the FEC tracks by the intersection of Ocean Avenue and 4th Street.

Investigators say King was traveling westbound on East Ocean Avenue and pedaled around downed gates as the train was approaching.

Boynton Beach Commissioner Joe Cosello is concerned with the second fatality in 5 days.

“Brightline now sending high-speed trains 32 times a day through heavily populated corridors I’m concerned these kind of incidents are going to become more frequent,” Cosello told CBS 12.

Cosello said that Brightline had not addressed all safety issues when operating a high-speed train in the city.

“My fear is that once these crossings become quite zones these type of incidents will become the norm,” said the commissioner.

Cosello said he will make an official request to address safety concerns at all crossings.

A Brighline spokesperson issued this statement in response to the crash:

"Local authorities are on the scene, and we are engaged with them as they begin their investigation."

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