Battle Over Holiday Displays: Satanic display erected next to nativity scene

Battle Over Holiday Displays: Satanic display erected next to nativity scene (WPEC)

A Boca Raton community is in disbelief after a large pentagram display reading, "In Satan we trust", is placed in the middle of Sanborn Square. The display reads, "Celebrate Winter Solstice", as well as, "Hail Satan, Not Gods."

Further outraging many locals is that it's placed between a Christmas Tree and a Christian Nativity scene. Michael, a Boca Raton resident, said, "You can express how you feel but you don't need to spite someone else's holiday to get your message across."

The group behind it is a national foundation, "Freedom From Religion."

The organization is based out of Wisconsin, advocating for separation of church and government. On their Facebook page they wrote, "Away with the manger, in with Solstice. If there will be religious symbols, there will be atheistic and secular messages as well."

According to our news partners at the Sun Sentinel, the man who physically built the structure is Preston Smith. Smith is a teacher for Palm Beach City Schools.

Additionally, don't expect the satanic star to be taken down before Christmas. It is allowed to stay because it's on government property in a "free speech zone."

However, the community is still responding to the display on Wednesday morning. At 9 a.m. the Interfaith Community Clergy is bringing together leaders from various religious groups to protest it by placing a banner reading, "The Interfaith religious community honors our constitutional rights of freedom of speech and worship. We are blessed to live in a country that cherishes and protects these rights. The use of satanic symbols is offensive, and harmful to our community's well-being. We find it a shameful and hypocritical way to advocate for freedom from religion. We stand united for the life-giving values of justice, mercy and peace at the heart of our religious traditions. We invite you to explore these values at our house of worship."

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