Bath salts suspected in delirious, gruesome murder of innocent couple


The gruesome crime scene on Kokomo Lane near Tequesta took hours to clean up Tuesday. Martin County Sheriff Snyder says it was the most horrific mess he’s seen in his career.

The victims were unrecognizable. When deputies arrived to the scene, the suspect was eating the skin off one of the already dead victims' faces.

Monday night's double-murder was a truly horrific, random yet violent attack that suspect FSU Student Austin Harrouff may not remember at all, Sheriff Snyder says.

When detectives tried to arrest the teen, they say he had enormous strength and was shouting incoherent things. It took a K9, a taser and three deputies to reign him in away from the victims.

Detectives say 19-year-old Austin Harrouff randomly picked the home of John Stevens and Michelle Mischon where the two were in the garage. Then the sheriff says Harrouff used a knife and yard tools to butcher the couple.

Harrouff had walked out of dinner with his parents in Jupiter at Duffy’s and was “acting erratically.”

Duffy Sports Grill released a statement:

“Duffy’s Sports Grill has been a staple in the Jupiter community serving guests for over 25 years. We are shocked and saddened to learn about the incidents that have occurred in our local community. The restaurant is working closely with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office to support their investigation and will continue to assist law enforcement in providing them with the assets they need. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Stevens family.”

Harrouff's parents said he took off on foot and they called police worried. But two hours later deputies found him at a bloody crime scene.

“Because of the multiple trauma we may never determine the murder weapon. There was too much trauma.. stab wounds and blunt trauma.. to say this was the weapon that did it,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said. "There were multiple weapons used inside the garage. They were weapons of opportunity that just happened to be there."

Investigators say a neighbor, Jeffery Fisher, spotted Harrouff stabbing the couple and tried to intervene. Fisher was also stabbed five times, including to the head. Yet somehow... Fisher was able to escape and call 911.

"There's a girl laying on the ground, he beat her up," Fisher can be heard saying on the 911 call. "I'm bleeding profusely at the moment... I have been stabbed in the back.”

“Fisher was hospitalized and he should fully recover,” Sheriff Snyder said. “He became a hero. There is no way he would have known he was stopping a suspect on a homicidal rage.”

When deputies arrived the suspect was eating one of the victims' flesh.

"The offender was actually biting the victim in the face and was what turned out to be some substantial trauma to his face from bite marks," Sheriff Snyder said. "We know in our business people on flakka or bath salts will do this type of behavior... where they attack their victim and do the biting and remove pieces of flesh."

Testing will be done to determine if Harrouff ingested those drugs. Right now, investigators don't know if the suspect will even survive as he remains in the hospital.

“The autopsy is just wrapping up. The crime scene detective is working on it. The male victim died of multiple stab wound and blunt trauma,” Sheriff Snyder said. “Stevens from a loss of blood. He had enough head neck and chest stab wounds. They have not done the autopsy on the female. We expect that tomorrow.”

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