Bacterial outbreak threatens dogs and owners

Bacterial outbreak threatens dogs and owners. (WPEC)

Outbreak! Florida is among a dozen states where the Center for Disease Control declared there is a bacterial outbreak of campylobacter, a bacterium typically found in animal feces.

The bacteria causes major problems for pets and for humans as this specific strain is resistant to typical antibiotics and can spread easier to humans than previous strains of campylobacter.

“Signs would be diarrhea especially bloody diarrhea, lethargy and vomiting,” said Veterinarian Doctor Lora Howell referencing dogs exhibiting symptoms of campylobacter.

Doctor Lora Howell of Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach Gardens says the bacteria, isn’t uncommon but this specific strain is anything but normal.

“This one is unique because, one we have the antibiotic resistance and It’s being seen in people who are generally normally healthy,” said Doctor Howell.

There’s been at least 55 human cases, 13 of those had to be hospitalized. The CDC says evidence indicates puppies sold from Petland stores are likely the source of the outbreak. Petland denies this claim. Petland has 77 locations across the country and nine throughout Florida.

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