Background system flaw arming the wrong people

How a Florida loophole allows the wrong people to get guns. (WPEC)

It’s a gun background check loophole that is arming people that could be potentially be dangerous.

If a background check isn’t complete within 3 days, whether the sale will go forward is a game of chance left at the hands of the local arms dealers.

“It is always a concern,” said Alex Shkop, owner of Guns and Range Training Center in West Palm Beach.

“I have not met a perfect system,” he said.

Shkop explained sometimes it comes down to instinct when the background system fails in raising flag.

“It takes one to create such a disaster,” he said.

The FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed a record 27.5 million background checks last year.

Agents must complete the checks within 72 hours of the gun purchase.

If the check is not finished within that period, federal law lets the gun sale go ahead.

“We call the FDLE and we let them know the firearm is being released,” added Shkop. “They double check the address and the persons contact information. Then the firearm gets released.”

In 2016, the FBI asked the ATF to take the guns back from an alarming 4,170 transactions that fell through the crack and should have been denied.

ATF declined to provide information on the gun seizures last year.

Shkop said Florida is sure to make the list.

He sees at least 2 sales per month get the go-ahead when the background system is lagging.

“I’m sure we will be a part of the statistics somewhere but from our connection with those people picking up those firearms, we don’t foresee any of them as a risk.”

Palm Beach County has a 5-day waiting period to buy a handgun, if you don’t already have a gun permit. However, anyone can get their hands on assault rifles bypassing the background check by going online and finding a private seller.

We reached out to our local lawmakers, they say it is something they are working on at this time.

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