Assault weapons ban to be discussed at Deutch town hall

Assault weapons ban to be discussed at Deutch town hall. (WPEC)

One of the big issues to be discussed tonight at a Ted Deutch's town hall is the proposed assault weapons ban Deutch has been working on at Capitol Hill.

The students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High have been a big part of the conversation.

Nicole Weisselberg, a freshman at Stoneman Douglas, wants the ban. Her message to the congressman is keep pushing.

"They should 100 percent be banned and only people in the military should have them," she said. "This isn't about Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal, this is about people who are for guns or against guns."

But not all Stoneman Douglas students feel that way.

Kyle Kashuv has been one of the most vocal students about the potential for guns to protect schools from attackers.

This week, Kashuv has been posting to Twitter about a lack of evidence that the so-called "assault weapons ban of the 90s" made America safer.

Tune in to CBS12 News at 11 p.m. for highlights from the town hall.

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