As cold front moves in, Treasure Coast shelter opens door

As a cold front moves in, Treasure Coast shelter opens door. (WPEC)

Wet winds are whipping across South Florida, causing the wind chill to drop. Tuesday’s cold front is the beginning of icy temperatures South Florida hasn’t seen in recent memory and with the mercury dropping so low warming centers are opening up across the Treasure Coast.

The Treasure Coast is preparing for temperatures to drop into the low 30s this week. While most places have their doors closed, the non-profit-organization, In The image of Christ in Fort Pierce has theirs open, to welcome anyone who needs a warm place to stay.

“Families who because they missed one paycheck are sleeping in their cars with their children, and so we want to bring them in so that no one will get sick or die from this weather,” said Executive Director of In The Image of Christ, Hazel Hoylman.

Ken Jarvis is one of about three dozen people taking refuge from the cold at the shelter on Tuesday night.

“When it gets 40 degrees down here, I start turning all white and have no feeling,” said Jarvis. So, this Shelter is staying open 24/7 for the next few days, so Jarvis and others have a dry and warm place to stay while temperatures plummet

. “You can slip and fall on something and there’s not going to be anybody out and about, so it could be over,” said Jarvis.

Those who come to the shelter get three meals a day, a roof over their head and a warm place to sleep.

“You know we can come here, watch TV, get some heat, we can get some food, we can take a shower, you can talk to people that you know….You can survive,” said Jarvis.

The shelter also has a special space just for families, and they will also consider taking pets in on a case by case basis.

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