Florida mom creates app to prevent hot-car deaths


A Florida mom's invention could help prevent hot car deaths thanks to her new app. The app is called "Baby Ok."

The idea came to Eryn Vargo after she witnessed a child be rescued from a hot car.

Deputies in Central Florida treated a minivan like a crime scene after an Orange County mother took her son to a doctor's appointment and accidentally left her two-month-old daughter in the van for nearly an hour.

The daughter is fine, but Vargo witnessed the rescue and was changed forever.

In the app, you can customize it with your child's picture and when you get in your vehicle it automatically connects to Bluetooth to ask if your child is with you.

After three notifications, if you don't confirm that you have the baby, the app sends a message to your emergency contacts.

Vargo says the app is meant to be an accountability partner and another to to help busy parents.

"It takes a village so I think if the community banded together we could start solving this problem," said Vargo.

The app is in a prototype so it is not available in stores just yet, but Vargo is looking to find corporate partners and raise the money needed to offer the app for free.

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