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Sheriff, State Attorney seek help from citizens to enforce new law targeting antisemitism

FILE --{ }State Attorney, Sheriff Seek Help from Public to Enforce New Law Targeting Antisemitism (WPEC){ }
FILE -- State Attorney, Sheriff Seek Help from Public to Enforce New Law Targeting Antisemitism (WPEC)
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Over Labor Day weekend, many local communities were targeted with antisemitic flyers thrown on driveways.

On Tuesday, Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and State Attorney Dave Aronberg asked for the public’s help in combating this door-to-door hate.

Law enforcement has new tools to go after those responsible – new laws.

It's aimed at racists and hate groups who harass and threaten innocent people over their beliefs or the color of their skin.

“Folks, I’m not going to dance around this, these people are evil. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just another brand of domestic terrorists,” said Sheriff Bradshaw.

Right now, in the middle of the Jewish high holidays, law enforcement says stopping this hate takes all of us working together.

“We want the public to help us because so far no one has been charged under the new law,” said State Attorney Dave Aronberg.

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House Bill 269, written by State Representative Mike Caruso who was also at this press conference, added harsher penalties for spreading hate.

Things like throwing flyers in neighborhood driveways are now a third-degree felony and a potential hate crime.

“If you come to palm beach county and you do this, I will put your butt in jail,” warned Sheriff Bradshaw.

The individuals behind these latest flyers, drove all over Palm Beach County in the middle of the night, wearing masks.

The sheriff expects they were definitely caught on surveillance cameras and he’s asking anyone who may have pictures to come forward.

“When does it stop if you don’t draw the line in the sand? And we’ve drawn that and when they cross it, they’re going to pay that penalty,” said Sheriff Bradshaw.

Two men were just arrested for hanging Nazi signs over I-4 in Orlando and the people behind these trash drops here will face similar penalties.

If you have any information, report it to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office or your local law enforcement.

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