Animal rights activist fights for Courage's Law, stricter sentence for animal abusers

    Animal rights activist fights for Courage’s Law, stricter sentence for animal abusers. (WPEC)

    An Indian River County man wants to be the voice for abused animals.

    For years, he’s been rescuing animals in need and finding them new homes.

    Now, he created a petition fighting for a tougher sentence for people charged with animal cruelty. Even though Florida already has a pretty strict law on animal cruelty and two Florida politicians just introduced a bill to make this a federal felony with up to seven years behind bars.

    Errand Frazier still wants more. He said it’s one thing to have a law and another for judges to enforce it. He’s fighting for Courage’s Law.

    Courage is a dog who was severely abused. A local veterinarian told CBS12 News his face looked like it was smashed in with a bat and his back was burned with some type of chemical.

    Now, he has a new home and is doing much better.

    “I just love him to death,” said Paula Stevens, Courage’s new mom. She said she can’t understand why people hurt animals.

    “If they can do this to animal they can do this to a human,"she said.

    The person who abused Courage was never caught, but for those who are charged with animal cruelty, Frazier said they simply aren’t punished enough.

    “People get slapped on the hand and released and get small fines,” said Frazier. He added, “I need these abusers to feel the pain these dogs and cats feel.”

    Terri Redstone is an example of that. Redstone is serving a six month sentence in jail after a ten month old puppy was found dead in her home, starved to death.

    “It’s heartbreaking,” said Ilene Murphy, who knew that dog when she was born. She was devastated when she found out Sadie was killed and frustrated when Redstone didn’t get the maximum sentence.

    “I would like to see stiffer penalties and people to be held accountable for the choices that they make,” said Murphy.

    That’s why Frazier created Courage’s Law which asks for a sentence of 25 years for killing an animal. He also would like to see animal abusers work while their behind bars to pay for help for the animals they abused.

    “I understand it takes time but I’m putting my word out now and I’m putting it out strong,” said Frazier. He added, “we are the voices. We are the ones that can stop this. I can’t do it by myself. I need help.”

    If you are interested in learning more or would like to sign Frazier’s petition, click here.

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