Animal Control claims dog attack on homeless man could have been prevented

Pack attack.JPG

PALM BEACH COUNTY -- Animal Care and Control says the brutal attack of a homeless man by three Pit Bulls could possibly have been prevented if only people would have spoken up before the attack. "The missing component from this case is the fact that even though these dogs had a history prior to this event, we were never able to get witness statements from any of the people involved," Animal Care and Control Director Dianne Sauve said.

Records dating back to 2015 reveal several calls from concerned neighbors about the dogs allegedly running lose and threatening people. But without that statement, the agency says it hands were tied and not able to make a case of dangerous dogs. "People need to call us. They need to not be afraid. We'll work with them," Sauve said.

We did some checking and learned right now 82 dogs are deemed dangerous in Palm Beach County forcing the owners to take mandatory precautions. Dogs are only given that classification after certain actions including severely injuring or killing a domesticated animal more than once. "I believe there needs to be more to hold people irresponsible pet owners accountable and that would include the inability to own a dog," Sauve said.

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