Alternate juror in Murder-for-Hire case: I would've voted 'Not Guilty'

Alternate Dippolito Juror- Widlet Jean

WEST PALM BEACH, Fl. (CBS12)-- One of the alternate jurors in Dalia Dippolito's retrial on a murder-for-hire charge says he would have voted for an acquittal because of doubts raised by her lawyers.

Widlet Jean, of West Palm Beach, instead was sent home Tuesday while the six members of the jury wound up deadlocked 3-3, forcing the judge to declare a mistrial on Wednesday.

Jean was one of two alternates who listened to all the evidence presented in the six-day trial that focused on allegations Dippolito hired a police officer posing as a hit man to kill her newlywed husband.

The jurors, and the other alternate, either could not be reached for comment or declined to speak publicly.


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"Not guilty". And why?

"When you listen to the informant and the witnesses it kinda gives you an idea where this whole thing was going to."

"It's all about a TV show a cop show."

"You could tell that was a fake crime and they tried to use her."

"It was a setup. They set her up. That was a setup."

"This whole thing was about common sense. If they used common sense it shouldn't have last for that long. that was an easy case."

"The media don't know nothing until we tell them. We actually were the ones in there. we know what was going on. We listened to everybody."

"The informant, her previous boyfriend was my turning point. He's the one who told the police station that she needed help that she's been abusing (abused). The next day they changed their whole thing."

"If they (jurors) would've used their common sense it shouldn't be like that. It should have been anonymous. Not guilty."

"I was confident it would've been not guilty. it turned out like this. Its OK."

"Thoughts on another trial."

"I don't see why they are going to retry it. because in the beginning it would've been dropped."

"If the informant said they don't want to continue with the process why would you want to put pressure? That's illegal. You can't do that."

Did you know about this case?

"I don't watch news. I didn't know anything about it."

"The lead detective looked like he didn't know what he was doing."

"For example when she met with the informant guy, they didn't record that. They sat and talked for a long period of time."

"When she met with the hit-man guy, they are going to show you that part. Where she said she was 5000 percent sure she wanted the man to be killed they didn't show that."

"But at the same time there was an agreement, where she had to bring the key and the money to kill her husband. She didn't bring the money. She didn't bring the key."

"I can say about 45 percent (of police) are corrupt."

"Most of them are not good,. They are out there doing whatever they want to do and then they are going to lie in your face."

"First of all I didn't know she was a mother until the last minute."

"The whole thing was about a cop show, TV show. They wanted to show that they are best, but they ended up screwing up everything."

"Now I can say it's not fair because it's a mistrial."

"It's OK (I was dismissed). 3 people didn't let me down."

"From what I've heard there shouldn't be another trial. They should go ahead and drop the case and set her free."

The state announced that it will retry Dippolito. A status check hearing scheduled for January 6th, 2017.


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