'All I see is the gun in my face:' Fort Pierce employee robbed at gunpoint

Sami Said shot turned the tables on a couple of thieves after they tried to rob him. (WPEC)

A local employee refused to become a victim, turning the tables on the thieves.

Sami Said works at Three O’s Food Mart on 25th Street.

He usually works from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. and New Year’s Eve was no different.

However, when he was about to close the store that Sunday night, something unexpected happened.

“All I see is the gun in my face,” Said said.

Surveillance video from the store shows two people walking into the store, grabbing a snack, heading to the register and then one of them pulling a gun.

“They ask give me all your money, I open the cash register, give them all the money and back up from it,” Said said.

He said the two men then ran out of the store, but one of them came back in.

So Said decided to retaliate.

“I shoot him inside the door,” he said. “I go outside. I see him drop down.”

That’s when Said called 911 and shortly after, police arrested 17-year-old James Collins and 15-year-old Delroy Scott.

Scott and Collins are both facing charges of armed robbery.

Said explained this was the 10th time he was robbed at this store and that’s why he decided to start carrying a gun.

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