All female ride sharing apps


The disturbing allegations against local Uber driver Gary Kitchings has sparked fear among other women who use ride-sharing services; but several cities already have options to make women feel safer.

The concept: All Female Ride-Sharing Apps.

It’s popping up in cities across the globe. It’s a network of all women drivers catering to all women passengers.

The goal is to redefine ride-sharing to make both parties feel safer.

In Boston, Safr just launched taking it one step further by offering a “SOS Button.”

According to its website, here’s how it works:

If the passenger or driver feels unsafe they hit the button. They then have the option to contact Safr, 911, or a preset emergency contact who will immediately receive a text alert along with your exact location.

Similar all female ride-sharing apps have also been established in Southern California like ‘See Jane Go’ and even internationally in Australia with ‘Shebah.’

All three of these services donate a portion of their sales from every fare to charities that in some way help women or children.

We checked, none of these apps has made its way into South Florida yet but Safr did mention on its website it had plans to bring the service to more cities throughout the U.S. No word on where exactly that will be.

On Tuesday, Governor Rick Scott signed a bill into law that will now set consistent statewide regulations when it comes to ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft.

Up until now, local governments have called the shots.

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