After using murder suspect’s credit card, cousin lied to authorities say investigators

Javarie Williams is facing a charge of making a false report to a law enforcement officer in the search for double murder suspect Marlin Joseph, his cousin. (PBSO)

We now know what may have motivated the suspect to shoot and kill a local mother and her 11-year-old daughter.

Police said the suspect, Marlin Joseph, shot Kyra Inglett because she had an attitude.

They said Joseph and the girl's mother Kaladaa Crowell had been arguing that day about the girl's bad attitude and how she wasn't getting along with the other children who lived in the home.

Joseph appeared in court on Wednesday, where a judge quickly denied him bond.

In a surprising twist, one of Joseph’s relatives also appeared before a judge.

He’s suspected of harboring Joseph and lying to police. Court documents reveal Joseph’s credit card helped them track down Joseph.

The day after the double murder a security camera caught Joseph withdrawing money from a chase bank in West Palm Beach.

Federal agents did not know it at the time, but that piece of evidence would later lead them right to Joseph.

For five days, they tracked the activity on Joseph’s credit card and on Tuesday morning they got a hit.

On January 2nd at 9:30 a.m. investigators learned Joseph’s credit card was being used in Lake Worth.

Then an hour later, the bank reported someone was using the card live at a gas station in Lantana.

Federal agents swarmed the place and found Joseph’s cousin, Javarie Williams.

Williams denied using the credit card, knowing about Joseph’s whereabouts and the double murder.

But it turns out Joseph had been hiding at William’s apartment.

Despite Joseph’s mother publicly begging him to turn himself in, on Wednesday morning she had no comment about how the manhunt ended.

Family and friends of the victims did not attend court today. Instead, they were celebrating the lives of Crowell and little Krya.

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