After racial remarks, some seek to remove Boynton Beach CRA member

After racial remarks, some seek to remove Boynton Beach CRA member. (WPEC)

A group of people in Boynton Beach are asking the city to remove a woman who sits on the community redevelopment advisory board after comments she made at a recent meeting. The board is made up of citizens and provides comments and advise to the CRA on redevelopment activities.

The city said it’s now is reviewing recorded video from Tuesday’s city commission meeting.

That’s where a group of people said they witnessed a CRA Advisory Board Member Cindy Falco Di-Corrado make racial comments to multiple people.

“I felt really offended and I also felt intimidated by her body language,” said Mathi Mugila, Boynton Beach resident.

Mugila was at the city commission meeting Tuesday weighing in on a divisive discussion on sanctuary cities. He said after making his public comment, he was criticized by Di-Corrado.

“She came to me and was very close to my face and she said talk in English and I told her I did make my speech in English and she said something along the lines of talk proper English,” Mugila said.

Mugila said Di-Corrado later made a racial slur to his friends.

“The comment she made was you people are lucky you came to this country as slaves otherwise you guys would be deported too,” Mugil said.

“What I meant is out of every hardship there is something good that comes forth,” Di-Corrado said.

On Friday CBS12 questioned Di-Corrado about the accusations. She did not deny making those comments but said they were not intended to be racist and were taken out of context.

“If you took it wrong or if I said it wrong that’s not what I meant. I am sharing today right here right now my heart and what I truly meant and I am sorry I didn't get the opportunity to elaborate further due to the hostility and everything that was going on,” Di-Corrado.

The city said they just received the complaints Friday morning and plan to review the video before it decides to take any action.

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