After escaping death in a car accident, Lady Houdini brings message to fair

After escaping death in a car accident, Lady Houdini brings message to fair. (WPEC)

Lady Houdini couldn’t perform at the fair last year because she was hit by a distracted driver the day before her performance.

The accident left her and her husband in the hospital for months.

So this year she’s teaching the crowd about safety while they enjoy her tricks.

“ You can't have an impact without a collision... well we had one heck of a collision last year,” says Kristen Johnson, who doubles as Lady Houdini.

Johnson can escape from a water torture cell with no problem, she does it hundreds of times per year.

But what she didn’t expect was escaping death with her husband.

“The greatest escape was escaping death on January 12th of last year,” says Johnson.

This same day last year her and her husband were recovering from a horrific accident that happened blocks from the fair.

They were t-boned by a teen who was distracted at the wheel.

Their bodies were left so battered they didn’t know if they would recover.

Her husband, who doubles as her MC, was left mangled in the car. He suffered a broken scapula, two brain bleeds, and lost a kidney, in addition to other injuries.

So this year they are making their “escape from death” part of their show with a special message for the dozens of teens who come to watch them.

They even brought the chair from the accident as proof that distracted driving can have serious consequences.

So when you leave their show you will get something that entertains and teaches.

“We wanted to make an impact with a message that will hopefully prevent the same kind of thing from happening to someone else,” says Johnson.

You can catch their show every day at the fair.

For a list of her performance times click here.

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