After 56 surgeries, girl goes on shopping spree to comfort friends at hospital

After 56 surgeries, girl goes on shopping spree to comfort friends at hospital. (WPEC)

Myah Shpiruk is an 11-year-old girl who has been through more than most.

“I did a lot of surgery,” said Myah.

She’s had 56 surgeries over the years for several different things. She does not have one diagnosis or one condition, she has many.

Myah was adopted when she was three years old from China by the Shpiruk family. They immediately flew 27 hours from China to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

“We pretty much lived there for a very long time,” said Rina Shpiruk, Myah’s mom.

But she said the road wasn’t easy and it still isn’t.

“It took a long time for me to come to terms that this was going to be our way of life. Going back and forth, living at Ronald McDonald houses,” said Rina. She’s continued, “when you're in the hospital it's so stark, everything's white.”

Rina said Big Lots helped make those hospital stays a little more bearable.

“Big Lots blessed us several times with pillow cases that were able to exchange with the white ones and bedding that made our room into a bedroom for our daughter. Warm socks because I was always cold my feet were always cold. Holiday items to make our room special so those are the things that are important to families like us because it kind of normalizes things,” said Rina. She continued, “we missed holidays. We just missed so much and Big Lots brought that to our hospital room.”

Big Lots partners with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to help families staying at the hospital and also with funding for research.

“We take donations from our generous customers from throughout the U.S. and all the proceeds go to help the children for research and care,” said Mike Jasinowski, the Big Lots Regional Team Leader for the South District.

Jasinowski said each region as a regional patient champion for “Give for Kids” and this regions champion is Myah.

On Thursday she was able to go on a shopping spree for all of her friends staying at the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio.

“When they're there for their care they have something to take their mind off of it,” said Jasinowski.

Myah spent about $2,000 on Thursday.

“I just love to help other people in the hospital,” said Myah. She continued, “I want to get more toys to them because a lot of people don't have a lot of toys.”

She was so grateful to be able to do this and grateful Big Lots got her a special present. Big Lots workers at the Stuart office got her a soccer ball and USA soccer jersey since Myah is a soccer lover.

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