Acreage mother claims her product will eliminate itch, pain from bug bites

Acreage mother claims her product will eliminate itch, pain from bug bites (WPEC)

With rainy season days away, mosquitos are a big threat to South Florida and a mother is fighting back with a product that treats bug bites without harsh chemicals.

Kelley Higney is the founder of the Bug Bite Thing.

“What keeps me going is that it works,” the mother of two said.

Higney launched the product after moving from San Diego to Palm Beach County. She realized she was unprepared for the mosquitoes.

She did not want to use strong chemicals on her child, so she figured out a better way to get relief from bug bites.

“You get bit, you can remove the problem, which is the irritant under the skin," Higney said. "And by doing that, your body doesn’t continue to produce that reaction. You’re eliminating the problem, instead of masking it with creams."

After sharing it with close friends and family, Higney worked with a manufacturer overseas and the Bug Bite Thing was created.

It fits in the palm of your hand, is chemical-free and reusable. It looks like a reversed syringe. You put the plastic took over a bite, pull up the handle, and the poison or mosquito saliva is sucked into the removable cap that can be taken off and cleaned. It’s also strong enough to remove bee stings.

She said it’s clinically proven, easy to use and perfect for sensitive skin.

“I am a mom on a mission," Higney said. "I want everybody to at least give it a chance, and try it because it can help you."

She said big retailers are now field testing the Bug Bite Thing.

You can purchase it right now for under $10.

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