Abandoned husky gets new chance at life

Abandoned husky gets new chance at life (WPEC)

A dog found abandoned on a horse trail in the Southwest Miami area is finally getting the life she deserves.

Now, the young white husky is recovering with a local rescue group.

She was found in poor condition and with two deformed legs.

It’s unclear at the moment if she was born that way or if her deformed legs are as a result of being trapped in a cage for a long period of time.

“It’s just terrible to see her struggle she can only walk a couple steps then she has to relieve her front two paws because they hurt,” said Kaylin Ricciardi, a volunteer with GTS Husky Rescue.

Ricciardi said their newest rescue was found a few days ago in this condition.

“It’s really heartbreaking that people have no hearts to just dump dogs in the middle of nowhere,” Ricciardi said.

Georgina Milhet was the one who found Lucky near a animal cage.

“We were going to come back and get the car, and then when we turned around, she just looked at me and was like, ‘You’re going to leave me here?'” Milhet said.

“She is two and a half three years old and we are thinking she was maybe kept in a really small crate,” Ricciradi said.

Ricciardi believes Lucky was mistreated. She said she was found with her nails growing into her pads, underweight and with puncture wounds.

Now two days later, she seems a lot better.

“She likes the dog bed, now that she's got one. But she just likes to sit next to you and be petted all the time,” said Cory Shaver, a volunteer with GTS Husky Rescue.

The rescue’s goal is to get Lucky the help she needs to be healthy again.

“We are looking for some prosthetics that we can use to help her walk around,” Shaver said.

GTS Husky Rescue is collecting donations to help pay for Lucky’s prosthetics.

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