'A threat to the community:' Sex offender arrested 32 times

Oscar Rowell (PBSO)

A local convicted rapist and registered sex offender is now back behind bars, just hours after being released from jail.

Oscar Rowell, 59, has been arrested 32 times on a number of charges and has served time in prison.

Anne Margo Cannon, a Delray Beach resident, has had enough.

"I am here because this man is a threat to the community," she said. "I am afraid my children and other children might be exposed to his indecent behavior in public or that someone might get hurt."

Roswell has been arrested twice in just two days.

"It is my observation that the delray beach police department is spending a tremendous time trying to protect people from being his next victim," Cannon said.

Delray Beach detective Joseph Hart attended Rowell's first appearance for a trespassing charge. The day before, he was accused of exposing himself in public.

"This was on the public beach in front of several people playing volleyball," Hart said.

Hart told the judge why he believes Rowell is a danger to the public.

"Mr. Rowell back in June or July was arrested for the same crime in front of juveniles in the public beach," he said. "Mr. Rowell is a sex offender. Mr. Rowell is also a suspect in several other cases to include an incident at the public pool."

The judge chose to revoke Rowell's last bond and set the new one at $500.

"We need the system to work and protect people and its becoming frustrating and concerning," Cannon said.

Cannon left the courtroom relived knowing Rowell is staying in jail for now.

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