911 call released in fatal cannibal attack on Florida couple

Florida's Austin Harrouff 'stabbed married couple to death before biting flesh off man's face' (WPEC)

The Martin County Sheriff's Office just released the calls placed to 911 dispatchers in deadly 'face-biting' attack on a Florida couple.

In the call, you hear neighbor, Jeff Fisher, breathing heavily, calling for help after he had just been stabbed by the suspect, Austin Harrouff.

Fisher: Please! (heavy breathing) Medical! (in audible) don't open that! don't open that!)

Fisher: ..Young man beating up a woman... across the street. It's in the garage.

911: Can you tell if he had any weapons?

Fisher: Um, I think he has a knife, but I'm not positive.

911: Can you tell if she's injured or he's injured?

Fisher: Yeah, there's a girl laying on the ground. He beat her up. I ran over there. I'm bleeding profusely here at the moment. I don't know what happened.

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