911 caller in sleepover stabbing: 'She's dying over here!'

The 911 call from the triple stabbing in Palm Beach Gardens. (PBGPD)

One 911 call alerted Palm Beach Gardens Police to the horror that awaited them on Sunset Bay Lane in BallenIsles.

Elaine Simon, who police say was stabbed twelve times by her son’s friend who was sleeping over, stumbled outside and rang her neighbor’s doorbell.

The neighbor, who remains unidentified, made the phone call.

Here is the call transcribed:

“Caller: There's a lady here she’s bleeding

Dispatch: Do you know why she’s bleeding?

Caller: She said somebody attacked her. But you gotta get someone here quick. I called BallenIsles but they’re not here yet.

Caller: She doesn’t have any weapons she says there’s a killer inside, I don’t know what she’s talking about. She’s delirious.

Caller: He had a knife? He had a knife. She’s bleeding like crazy

Dispatch: I need to know where the person with the knife is.

Caller: I don’t know where he is.

Dispatch: I’m gonna need more information from that female can i talk to her?

Caller: No she’s hysterical! She says there’s a killer out there

Dispatch: Can I get a description or anything of the person who had a knife?

Caller: No she’s dying over here! The kids are out here bleeding! There’s a murderer here you gotta get someone out here.

Dispatch: I have paramedics on the way I have police on the way.

Dispatch: Do you have a description of the person with the knife?

Caller: There’s a kid outside bleeding, a lady’s bleeding on the floor here and you want a description of the person with the knife?

Caller: What’s his name? Corey Johnson is his name. She can barely speak.

Dispatch: That’s the person who stabbed them?

Caller: Yea

Caller: She’s asking me a million questions lady will you stop with the questions and get some help here? Lady I can’t stay on the phone with you.

Disptach: There’s help on the way.

Caller: She rang my bell she’s bleeding Corey Johnson is out there with a knife. He’s a murderer. That’s all I know. They're trying to help the kid the kids filled with blood.

Dispatch: Can you see the kid?

Caller: No! Its pitch black outside i can see the bleeding kid he’s on my front stoop

Caller: I have no idea I’m hanging up these questions are ridiculous. ma’am they're bleeding they know what they’re helping with. I’m hanging up this is ridiculous.

Police arrested 17-year-old Corey Johnson on one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. Investigators say he confessed to the stabbings because of his religious beliefs.

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