21 sex offenders unaccounted for in Palm Beach County


Ernest Reigh isn’t the only sex offender that has absconded from our area. CBS12 Investigates uncovered plenty more.

CBS12 sorted through the state’s registry and found a total of 46 registered sex offenders in our communities that law enforcement simply can’t find.

Palm Beach County tops the list of with 21, followed by 14 in Saint Lucie County, 5 in Okeechobee County, 4 in Martin County and just 2 in Indian River County.

So how does this happen?

We tracked down Officer Justin Kerns with Port St. Lucie Police to ask. He maintains the city’s registry.

“Some of them are not from America, they’re from other countries. They slip away to other countries and we never see them again. Some of the move to other states, they off of the radar,” Kerns said.

It’s not only absconders that worries parents.

A recent CBS12 investigation uncovered a growing number of sex offenders taking advantage of a system that is being neglected. Public parks now being called home by transient sex offenders despite state laws that prohibit many from living anywhere near them.

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